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Keralites are known globally for their efficient logical approach to situations, adaptability, basic literacy, advanced education, hard work, home & fellow concern, patriotism, etc., etc. which eventually are envying others, globally. Keralites are not second to any one or to anything, thus are known well on our unity, cooperation and social urge. Keralites knowingly or unknowingly are productive contributors to a great extent, thus are maintain a separate identity of ours, globally. Yesterdays of Middle East will certainly remember that every small or middle Arab entrepreneur used to keep at a least a Malayali as his most trust worthy through whom they used to transact their business- that was the unwritten credit worthiness we had.

Every NRI/NRKs were highly contributories to the foreign exchange accumulation of the state/country for which the country was lacking in a sizeable level before. The only available source of foreign exchange was our manpower earnings from outside the countries, out of which Kerala stood at front with about 55-65 % of the total country’s foreign exchange earnings till about 1989 which resulted in developing our state to an International compatibility in facilities and appliances. About 30-35 lakhs of our Middle East NRKs since past about 70 years were exemplarily contributing for the upcoming of our state.

Now a situation has come since about 5-7 years that NRKs, especially of Middle East are looking back on their home country/state to offer appropriate restorative measures to secure a happy and assured lively hood as those feeding countries of the Middle East are getting stagnant at their progression. Every NRK is certainly looking for an assured and continued income measure, preferably within the state itself so that they will also become part of our country building process through appropriate industrialization packages and can ensure a happy living with their families.

SITMICOS has come out with very adorable, compact and comprehensive industrialization packages wherein every NRK can boldly and confidently bank on for securing a reputable image to themselves and to ensure a consistent income so as to rebuild their life and lively hood in own soil and that too while spending their rest of the life with the loved ones and own society around.

As our government is determined to restore our NRKs through appropriate earning projects SITMICOS thought so exhaustively on to it and deigned very purposeful and creative plans which will ensure assured lively hood and a decent social living in own soil to our desired NRKs. The governments of Kerala were thinking so loud on to the matter and as a matter of employment limitations of the state the only possible method is to find appropriate segment of industrialisation including service sector. Kerala is on almost at top on both education and healthcare, even though qualities are not up to the highest International standards.

Considering the limitations of the landed properties in Kerala, through our exhaustive research have identified Small & Medium (MSME) unit is the most appropriate business segment we need to give more thrust. What we are lacking is a professional and state-of-the-art managerial backing to the entrepreneurs, which SITMICOS has decided to fill the gap with appropriate field experts who are exposed to the global market in their respective fields. Moreover we will be with every incoming entrepreneur like a partner throughout without having any equity participation or constitutional rights. This will encourage every incoming entrepreneur to confidently venture so that they need to bother any further about their ignorance about Kerala’s business conditions.

We are setting up industrial estates throughout the state where in any incoming industrialists can secure industrial land or building either as own or on lease. One of our Ernakulam district project will be converted as EXCLUSIVE PRAVASI INDUSTRIAL ESTATE where in all will be highly privileged. In all our upcoming industrial estates though out the state we will be marking 30 % properties for the NRKs and will have lot of special privileges. Any NRK willing to start any business through our industrial estate are assured of the following services: -

  1. Land/ building ownership in estates
  2. Land/ building long lease in estates
  3. Complete business & management consultancy
  4. Project report furtherance & Providing DPR
  5. Finance provided to above 1 crore projects
  6. Lifetime business (running) partnering (without any equity or profit sharing)
  7. NO LICENSE needed
  8. Production, marketing, Finance, etc. area’s though out support
  9. Modern Management/ fully digitalized operations
  10. Access to state/national/global markets
  11. Assured livelihood & high integrity

We will be soon setting up an Pravasi restoration service cell at Ernakulam where in all who intend to start any business through our industrial estate can seek all assistance or can seek business starting ideas from us.

We will be soon setting up an Pravasi restoration service cell at Ernakulam where in all who intend to start any business through our industrial estate can seek all assistance or can seek business starting ideas from us.

If you need any other information, please contact the following number +91-0000-00000, Email ID: Thank you.