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SITMICOS as per Kerala Government special order is launching ‘free hold’ industrial lands at predetermined dimensions at various parts of Kerala under specific and well described terms under the scheme ‘Responsible industrialization of Kerala’. These properties are provided with complete basic infrastructures built in to ensure the uninterrupted qualitative functioning of each industry at their respective places. Being it a ‘free hold’ industrial land each property owner will have the absolute title of the document in their name and are transferable subject to SITMICOS industrialization policies. Apart from the basic infrastructures each SITMICOS industrial hub will have common administrative office, self-operating office tables, 24 hrs Wi-Fi, common canteen & dining area, common toilets, common covered parking areas, common business meeting room, common furnished guest house, uninterrupted power supply backed with own transformers and solar power back up, UG cable power connectivity provision, uninterrupted water supply with treatment plant, firefighting water connectivity, drainage system, garbage treatment plant, 24 hours security, 24 hours MEP maintenance, etc. SITMICOS industrial hub will match with any international industrial property in every respect and will be the first of its kind infrastructure provided freehold industrial land property project of Kerala. Any non-hazardous industry coming under our industrial hub need not procure any other industrial license from any government departments, except tax registrations.
SITMICOS also provides space for electronic parks, I T products, electronics goods manufacturing, ware houses, show room spaces, etc. to boost the IT & electronics industrialization of the state.

Any Indian national with a clean record will be eligible to apply for SITMICOS industrial lands but are subject to approval by SITMICOS technical committee. Anyone who is desirous of starting an MSME sector industry under SITMICOS industrial hub with adequate project and financial affluence can apply. Only hazardous nature of operation/production of the proposed industry may lead to disallowing of the application. All applicants along with the physical application form (prescribed format- available through website) have to submit the project gist (prototype project report) in the prescribed format before the scrutinizing committee and the status will be made known within 7 working days from the date of submission of application with other documents and payment. The right of land approval/allocation is purely vested with SITMMICOS at all times.

District wise availability of proposed SITMICOS industrial lands will be declared through web site (under ‘current sites’) which will give complete details of the landed property, location, dimensions, available plots, visible infrastructure mark ups, etc. with which applicants can specifically make applications.

Step 1: Submit the application with relevant documents as attachment along with the prescribed application fee- decision/ status of the application will be intimated to the applicant via mail/telephone/letter within 7 working days from the date of receipt of application.

Step 2: Upon successful completion of application the applicant is supposed to make 40% of the estimated value of the land to SITMICOS, within 10 days (calendar) along with requested all documents, unless otherwise any extension whatsoever reasons may be given by SITMICOS.

Step 3: Within 1-4 months’ time from the date of making the initial 40% of the estimated cost of land and as per the intimation received from SITMICOS the balance money to be remitted to complete the registration process of the individual applicants and after that the date of deed registration will be intimated by SITMICOS. During this time the applicants are supposed to submit the DPR (Detailed Project Report) to substantiate their initial project gist submitted. Any withdrawal after this stage can’t be entertained at whatsoever situations it may be.

  1. License free operation
  2. Common administrative office
  3. Self-operating office tables
  4. 24 hrs Wi-Fi connectivity
  5. Common canteen & dining area
  6. Common toilets
  7. Common covered parking areas
  8. Common business meeting room
  9. Common furnished guest house
  10. Uninterrupted power supply
  11. Own KSEB transformer
  12. Solar power back up
  13. Provision for Under Ground cable power connectivity
  14. Uninterrupted water supply & treatment plant- sump & overhead tanks
  15. Firefighting pipe line with water tank & 3 HP Motor
  16. Well laid drainage system
  17. Garbage treatment plant
  18. 24 hours MEP maintenance
  19. CCTV controlled premises
  20. Intrusion alarm system
  21. Well secured compound wall
  22. Common cleaning & gardening
  23. Separated boundary foundation
  24. Fire resistant structure designs & specifications- uniform pattern & exterior colors
  25. Heavy vehicle accessibility
  26. 24 hours security
  27. Up to max. 80% built up area (70-80%) with an elevation of up to 7.38 mtrs height
  28. Office area permitted within industrial sheds up to 05%